12+ Best Nova Launcher Themes Setup for You – 2018 Edition[Hand Picked]

If you are Android user, you must have heard about Nova Launcher unless you are not living under a rock. Nova Launcher is among one of the best Custom Launchers available for Android. For those who gets bored of their native launcher, you can experiment with new themes and icon packs using custom launchers.

Nova Launcher, undoubtedly the best after-market launcher you can find. Nova seems to keep up with the latest design trends with their launchers and seems to mimic the launchers available on Google Pixel devices (Stock Android Style).

For those who prefer the stock Android experience on their phone, installing Nova Launcher can make the phone looks more appealing and cooler with the stock Android like look and feel. I personally feel the vibe of stock Android and I’m a fan. This is a topic for intense debate and I’m not getting into that.

Nova Launcher – Best Android Launcher

You could have a different opinion when asked about Which is the best launcher for Android? but the chances that you would vote for Nova is very high. This is mainly due the features and the level of customizations that Nova Launcher provide when comparing to others.

There are tons and tons of launchers available for free on the Google Play Store. Many of them are just stupid looking while some are just awfully made. There are some other launchers which are as popular as the Nova Launcher like Apex Launcher, Arrow Launcher, Go Launcher, C launcher to name a few.

In my personal opinion, Nova launcher is the king of customization. There are lots of options to mess around which helps us make our Nova Launcher setup different from others. There are different transition options, different orientation options and more.

Whenever my friends ask me about changing his/her home screen setup, I would suggest them Nova Launcher just because its super cool. I haven’t gone back to other launchers for a while now after using Nova. I have tried almost all the popular launchers and have spent a fair bit of time with all of them. But I still find myself coming back to Nova for some reason or the other.

How to Create Cool Nova Launcher Setups

This is exactly what we are going to see in this article. Nova offers a tons of customization options (I have been saying this for the 1000th time now…), but you can also have other Nova Integrations to get even more control over the features. We are going to be using several other apps which will be helping us get the perfect Nova Launcher setup.

I will be linking to all the necessary resources to get the exact setup running on your phone. Also feel free to experiment the setup and make it suit your style. To get the setup going we’ll be using some wallpaper apps which provides us with some fantastic images for wallpapers. Do you use wallpaper apps on your phone? If yes let me know which one do you use, so that I can give it a try!

Nova Launcher  Setup Backups

I’ll also try to link the Nova Launcher Backup File so that you can get the exact same settings and arrangements as shown on your phone too. You can simply restore the backup file and get the look given that the necessary icon packs are installed.

Make sure to install the required icons packs and widgets before restoring the Nova Launcher Backup file.

Best Nova Launcher Themes Setups – Superheroes

Here are some of the coolest Superhero Nova Launcher Theme setups that you can find online. Everybody has their own favorite superhero. I’m personally a fan of Iron Man, Batman and Black Panther. Well i do like others too, just that i like these 3 more than the others. So If you are a fan, here are some  Nova Launcher Superhero setups that you can try.

I had a great time creating this setup and loved all of them. Hope you do it. It took a lot of time to get the right vibe going on, but still I think they came out great. You can find the modifications required to get the exact look on your phone too. Also feel free to change things here and there according to your taste.

#1. Black Panther Nova Launcher Setup

Black Panther is one of the newest superhero from the Marvel Universe. I totally loved the movie and became a fanboy at the first moment itself – Fan at First Sight (guess that’s stupid…nevermind). Black Panther is so cool with so much cool technology going on.  I like technology and there is no reason to not be a fan of Black Panther.

I tried creating a Black Panther inspired home screen for my phone with Nova Launcher and few other apps. Here is what I could come up with.

Required Apps/Resources
  1. Zooper Widgets (Free/Pro) – Download.
  2. Black Panther Wallpaper – Download.
  3. Superhero Wallpapers (Free) – Download.
  4. Moonrise Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  5. Stile for Zooper (Free) – Download.

Disclaimer: For using Stile for Zooper, you need to have Zooper Pro which is the paid version of Zooper. If you have the Zooper Widgets Free version, you can use a  different clock face. The clock and the google search bar that i used can only be used in Zooper Pro.

Steps for Black Panther Setup

Step 1: Open the Superheros Wallpapers App and Find your favorite Black Panther wallpaper. You can find a separate category for Black Panther in the app.  Apply the Wallpaper.

Step 2:  Change the Icon pack in Nova Launcher to Moonrise Icon Pack.

Step 3:  Add the Google Search Toolbar widget from Stile for Zooper. I changed the text color to suit the accent of the setup. If you don’t have Zooper Pro, just use the Google search bar that comes with Nova Launcher and use the grey icons to match the dark accent.

Step 4: Add the Clock Zooper widget from Stile for Zooper and make the color changes accordingly. If you are using Zooper Free, choose a free clock face which looks futuristic.

Sit back and admire the new look you created.

#2. Batman Nova Launcher Setup

Ah…Batman. My most favorite superhero ever. I was super excited for this particular setup. The whole idea was to create a setup which looks simple and had so bat vibes going on here and there. So i went with a black and white theme for the  setup and here it is.

Required Apps/Resources
  1. Zooper Widgets (Free/Pro) – Download.
  2. Batman Wallpaper – Download.
  3. Superhero Wallpapers (Free) – Download.
  4. UX S9 Black / Light Void  (Free) – Download.
Steps for Batman Nova Launcher Setup

Step 1: Apply any of  Batman wallpaper from the Superheros Wallpapers application. Choose  a dark accented wallpaper to go with the whole vibe.

Step 2: Apply any of the Icon Packs mentioned. All of them will suit dark wallpapers well.

Step 3: Under the Dock settings in Nova, Click on Search Bar  in dock and select Below icons.

Step 4: You might have to change the Nova App Drawer background color if you are not able to see the icons.

Step 5: Place a Zooper widget on the home screen and choose the digital clock.

#3. Ironman Nova Launcher Setup

Required Apps/Resources
  1. Zooper Widgets (Free/Pro) – Download.
  2. Ironman Wallpaper – Download.
  3. Superhero Wallpapers (Free) – Download.
  4. Gold Icon Pack  (Free) – Download.
  5. Europa for Zooper (Free) – Download.
  6. Stile for Zooper (Free) – Download.
Steps for Ironman Nova Launcher  Setup

Step 1: Download any Ironman wallpaper from the SuperHeroes Wallpapers App and Apply it.

Step 2: Change the Nova Launcher Icon Pack to Gold Icon Pack.

Step 3: Use Zooper widgets and customize it to get the Ironman accents going. I’ve used Europa for Zooper to get the battery percentage. For the custom Google search bar, I used Stile for Zooper and customized the colors to match the Ironman suit.

Step 4: Arrange some most used applications around to give it a more sophisticated look.

You can use any type of widget and customize the look . Feel free to try out many combinations, so you could get the best Nova Launcher setup on your phone.

#4. Supergirl Nova Launcher Setup

This is for our girl readers (I mean i like supergirl too). For those love supergirl and her style, here is a cool Nova Launcher Theme setup. See below how you can get the look on your phone. The app drawer button is placed to the bottom left as you can see, just to give the setup some difference from the normal one. Also the grid size of the home screen is also changed to 8×6.

Required Apps/Resources
  1. H2O Icon Pack (Free)- Download.
  2. Zooper Widgets (Free/Pro) – Download.
  3. Supergirl Wallpaper – Download.
  4. Superhero Wallpapers (Free) – Download.
Steps for SuperGirl Nova Launcher  Setup

Step 1: You know it by now, apply a SuperGirl Wallpaper.

Step 2: Change the icon pack to H2O icon pack.


Step 3: Arrange the icons in a cool way. Before that change the grid size of home screen to 8×6 to accommodate more icons. Also I have  gone for the traditional app drawer button instead of the swipe to open app drawer.

Step 4: You can see a SuperGirl logo above the clock. You ca create a Zooper Widget and add a clock. Then you can edit the clock layout and add a bitmap layer and choose the Super Girl Logo. Position the items by adjusting the  X and Y offsets.

#5. Spiderman Nova Launcher Themes Setup

Spiderman joined the Avengers Universe and it’s the greatest news. Spiderman has always been the cool kinda superhero. I have tried few combinations and found the above setup quite ok-ish(Spidey sense;knew this was the one)

Required Apps/Resources
  1. Fluxo Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Zooper Widgets (Free/Pro) – Download.
  3. Superhero Wallpapers (Free) – Download..
Steps for Spiderman Nova Launcher  Setup

Step 1: Apply the Spiderman wallpaper.

Step 2: Change the icon pack to Fluxo Icon Pack.

Step 3: Place the Google search bar on the homescreen.

Step 4: Add a Zooper widget and add a digital clock. make the text red to match the spidey suit.

#6. DeadPool Nova Launcher Theme Setup

Deadpool is just dead cool. He is different from other superheros and definitely has a lot of fans. I personally loved the deadpool movies and Im an fan. I have tried to create a cool deadpool setup for myself. I’m happy the way it turned out  and have been using this setup for a while now.

Required Apps/Resources
  1. Pixel  Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Deadpool Wallpaper – Download.
  3. Superhero Wallpapers (Free) – Download.
Steps for DeadpoolNova Launcher  Setup

Step 1: Apply the Deadpool wallpaper.

Step 2: Change the icon pack to Revolution Icon Pack.

Step 3: I haven’t added the search bar but you can add if you want.

Step 4: Arrange some icons in the home screen to go with the whole setup. You can also add a clock if you need.

I’ll be trying to add more cool Nova Launcher Themes Setups in the coming days. Make sure you subscribe to our cool newsletter and notifications so that I can let you know when i update them.

Best Minimal Nova Launcher Setup

For those who are looking for Minimalistic  themes for Nova Launcher, these are for you. Not all likes to have so much stuff going on their home screen. Take a look at some cool and minimal Nova Launcher themes that you can try. All of them are absolutely free.

#1. Pleasant Look – Nova Launcher Themes Setup

This is a more pleasant home screen to look at without much going on. Gives you a great minimal feel and at the same time looks absolutely beautiful.

How to get this look
  1. Candycons Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Walli for Wallpaper (Free) – Download.
  3. Zooper Widget (Pro) –  Download.
  4. Use the clock widget provided with the Icon Pack.
  5. Add Google Search Bar in the dock (Nova Settings > Dock > Enable search bar in dock > Below icons ).
  6. Zooper Widget to place the date below the clock. Used a bold text for the date.

#2. Fresh Look – Nova Launcher Theme Setup

How to get this look
  1. Minty Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Walli for Wallpaper (Free) – Download.
  3. Zooper Widget (Pro) –  Download.
  4. Ocea for Zooper (Free) – Download.
  5. Place a Zooper Widget and select the clock from Ocea for Zooper.

#3. Black and White – Minimal Nova Launcher Setup

How to get this look
  1. Pasty Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Minimalist Wallpaper (Free) – Download.
  3. Zooper Widgets (Free/Pro) – Download.
  4. Add a Minimal Google search bar at the top.
  5. Zooper Widget to place the date and time. Both are written in words which gives it a nice stile.

#4. Google Pixel Like Experience with Nova Launcher

How to get this look
  1. Pixel  Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Google Wallpapers (Free) – Download.
  3. Add Google Search Bar in the dock (Nova Settings > Dock > Enable search bar in dock > Below icons ).

#4. Astronaut Nova Launcher Setup

This is a simple and very minimal setup which looks really cool in my opinion. For those who love minimal setups you can try this one.

How to get this look
  1. Revolution Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Minimalist Wallpaper (Free) – Download.
  3. Seven Time Clock (Free) – Download.
  4. Astronaut Wallpaper – Download.
  5. Add a Seven Time widget and select a bold digital clock face to go with the look.
  6. Add Google Search Bar in the dock (Nova Settings > Dock > Enable search bar in dock > Below icons ).

Cool Nova Launcher Themes Setups

Here are some cool Nova Launcher Themes and setups which are a bit different but classy.  If you are bored  from your minimal setup or superhero setup, try these. Who doesn’t like a change..right?

#1. Bold Nova Launcher Setup

A bold and classy look can be obtained by using a good wallpaper, a nice clock and a simple icon pack. The bold clock is the most striking feature of the below setup. It really stands out and also gives a nice look to the whole setup.

How to get this look
  1. Pixel Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Walli for Wallpaper (Free) – Download.
  3. Zooper Widget (Pro) –  Download.
  4. Huk Zooper (Free) for the Bold Clock – Download.
  5. Add a Simple Google search bar to top it off.

#2. Retro Pixels Effect Nova Launcher Theme (Paid)

This is one of my personal favorite. I really liked how this setup came out. There is a retro pixel vibe all over the place.- the icons, the wallpaper and the clock. It’s like an old arcade game, takes you back to the 90s.

How to get this look
  1. Pixbit Icon Pack (Free) – Download.
  2. Use the included wallpaper.
  3. Use the Pixbit included Clock Widget.
  4. Arrange some most used apps to match the whole setup.

Final Thoughts

Android  home screens can get boring sometimes. We look at the same setup the whole time and really wish if there were changes. Install Nova Launcher and then mess with the settings and options and you could have different home screen everyday. How cool is that?

There are tons of Icon Packs, Widget Apps and Wallpaper apps out there that are free on the Google Play Store. Download them and try different combinations. You could get really cool home screen setups.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the above mentioned setups and also comment down below about your favorite Nova Launcher Themes and Setups.


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