4 Simplest Methods to Know How to Password Protect a Folder

Different kinds of data, such as standard bank statements, expenditures, diaries, photographs and other personal information may be averted from being seen by other folks when its password covered. By adding passwords on folders, unauthorized users aren’t capable of enjoying the details inside the covered folder simply by simply clicking it. It is vital to know how to password protect a folder to defend the material inside a password-protected folder to be looked at by an end user.

Why You Should Know How to Password Protect a Folder

Passwords are being used for nearly everything we do online. Passwords protect our identities online, discussion teams, e-mail accounts and much more. Many family computer systems with multiple customer accounts utilize passwords. Also, they are used for bank or investment company ventures and making secure buys. With all this sensitive data, creating good passwords is vital to prevent id fraud. Therefore knowing how to password protect a folder is essential. Passwords are the key security against computer hackers. Hackers typically try to break right into a computer or secure bank account by speculating passwords one at a time.

Programmed programs can even be used to consistently reckon passwords from a data source of common words or other information. Even the best passwords can be defeated with plenty of time, skill, and computer control electricity – but a strong password after recognizing how to password protect a folder is essential to buy time, prevent disorders by less driven hackers, and send up a warning flag that will help capture such fraudsters in the action.

Password guarding your documents and folders in the home version windows is the best way to ensure no-one gains unauthorized gain access to. Unfortunately, the home version windows don’t offer any reliable way to add password security to your folders. Don’t be anxious though, we realize some convenient ways how to password protect a folder in home windows. In this article we will highlight four ways to know how to password protect a folder the home version windows, all of them is suited to different situations. Data security and personal privacy are of increasing concerns for laptop or computer users.

4 Techniques to Know How to Password Protect a Folder

Most of us should take up good security techniques to how to password protect a folder and stay away from those with harmful intent, but also for certain important documents and folders, the best form of security might be placing this content under lock and key.

Password protect a folder in windows

  1. Use a built-in encryption

To recognize how to password protect a folder you can use your windows as well. The windows come with a built-in encryption to protect a folder and its own content from other users and content over a distributed network.

To encrypt a folder in the windows, right-click on the folder you would like to encrypt and choose “Properties” from the framework menu. Here under the “General” tabs, select “Advanced”.

Now check the checkbox next to “Encrypt material to secure data” and select “Fine”. When you will select “Ok” again a quick will arrive, validate it and the folder will be encrypted. The folder color will flip “Green” confirming that it’s been encrypted. Now only you can gain access to this folder when you are logged in to your home version windows accounts. Other users will have to supply the password to gain access to it. Alas, if some will gain access to your computer when you are logged in, they’ll be able to gain access to the folder.

  1. Use a password coverage software

You can use a software as well to how to password protect a folder. If you merely need to protect your data and folders from family or peekers and can live without encryption, then a simple password coverage software will continue to work fine for you. This software might not exactly be able to protect your computer data from professional hackers, but also for fast and simple protection they may be perfect. You can get this software from link at the end.

Be sure you provide a strong password to ensure people don’t just speculate it. And when you ignore your password, contact the business with the PayPal purchase id (only works if you are superior users) and they’ll retrieve the password for you. There is absolutely no way to retrieve password free of charge users because the software needs no indication ups.

Note: Sadly the free version of this software is bloated with other less useful software like spyhunder etc. So, while putting in the software ensure you carefully drop the bloatware.

In the key interface, you may use the switches above to cover data files, folders, and even USB drive content. Once covered, you will have to click “Open” next to each item. It is vital to make sure they are accessible in the home version windows explorer. Once you close the wise folder hider screen, the things will be covered again.

Also, you can go through the ugly arrow next to something and choose “Set password” to create a supplementary password. Other folks will have to provide the key password and the extra password to start such data/folders.

Furthermore, ensure you unhide all the documents and folder before uninstalling the wise folder hider (or any folder concealing software) or your documents will be lost.


  1. Password protect the home version folder using 7-zip Software

To see how to password protect a folder, you can use this tool. You might already to know the archiving tool 7-zip that can be used for extracting compressed documents. Did you know it can help you to know how to password protect a folder as it can password protect your computer data with strong encryption as well? Unless you need to gain access to a folder and its own content frequently, you’ll be able to encrypt and compress it to make it impossible for others to gain access to it with no password.

Once 7-zip is installed, right-click on the folder and choose “Add to archive” from the 7-zip option.

To know how to password protect a folder, in the compression configurations, enter into encryption password in underneath right spot and then select “Ok” to encrypt the folder. This will generate a new compressed folder in the same location that can only just be extracted using the password you merely created. You can erase the unprotected folder to ensure no-one access it.

Sadly, you will have to remove the folder whenever you will need to gain access to its content, and also erase the unprotected folder when you encrypt it again. However, you additionally have the potential to send the encrypted folder to someone online as well as your data will be secured.

  1. Encrypt data using an encryption software

To identify how to password protect a folder! The best way to protect your computer data is to encrypt it and protect it with a password. For this function, you’ll need to get help from a third-party encryption software. There is numerous encryption software available, but almost all of them will encrypt the complete drive content. Although you can create an encrypted drive where you can save your sensitive data. For this function, veracrypt is a great tool that enables you to create an encrypted drive very quickly.

Once installed, veracrypt helps it be a snap to create an encrypted level where you can save your valuable data. Select “Create size” button in the key software and follow instructions provided by veracrypt to create an encrypted volume level. You merely need to press “Next” of all windows and offer a size of the drive and the password you would like to use.

After creating the encrypted size, select “Select document” button in the key interface and choose the volume you merely created. Now select “Mount” and offer the password to mount the drive. You’ll be able to start to see the new encrypted drive next to your regular drives. You can move the content to it to encrypt it. Full training here.

Be aware: The encrypted size you created might not exactly be accessible, but it can be deleted. Which means this won’t stop folks from deleting the very sensitive data.


To know “how to password protect a folder”! Using a password coverage software likewise, folder hider is obviously the simplest way to password protect a folder in windows. However, if you have hypersensitive data, then you must encrypt your computer data using 7-zip or veracrypt. Have you any idea any different ways to password protect windows folders? Tell us in the commentary. Just to be safe, give it a try once by using a file that’s not important. This means you can make sure it works for you. Here are the ways to recognize how to password protect a folder. Download Wise Folder Holder from below.


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