4 Ways to Solve windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen Issue

The windows 10 taskbar is most likely displayed on all users systems on a regular basis. The core reason behind that is probable that lots of are unaware that the taskbar can be covered, and these others favor a less powerful interface. The procedure of hiding the taskbar makes room for a handful of extra space on the desktop that program windows could use. Also, if you want your desktop clean and tidy, you might find that it appears better as well. The auto hiding the taskbar can be considered a great way to include just a little extra space to your desktop. But once in a while, the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen if it is supposed to. Here are some tips that may get that Taskbar covered again.

Keep In Mind: We’re using Home windows 10 throughout this article as our example, but these same techniques should help Home windows 8, 7, or even Vista. We’ll explain where things are markedly different.

Why Windows 10 Taskbar Won’t Hide In Fullscreen

If you are using the auto hide feature for the Windows taskbar, it’ll stay concealed until an application needs your attention. For regular apps, this results in the app’s taskbar button start off blinking at you. For instance, the Skype app will display its taskbar button when you obtain a fresh call. In this circumstance, you can merely click that taskbar button to allow app know you’ve seen what it requires someone to see and the taskbar will hide again.


For background software that contains an icon in the machine tray, two independent activities can cause the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen.

1st Reason Your Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen

The foremost is when you have a badge on the icon–or a genuine icon change–indicating the app needs your attention. For instance, the Slack app shows a tiny red dot on its regular icon to inform you when you’ve received a fresh message.

2nd Reason Your Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen

The second circumstance for the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen happens generally in Home windows 8 and previous versions whenever a notification balloon arises. This often triggers the taskbar to remain obvious until you dismiss the meaning. These are clearly easy to close as well, or you can customize the notifications never to display. This circumstance doesn’t really happen in Home windows 10 because notifications disappear completely independently and you will view them later in Action Center.

Generally, these issues, including the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide, are by design. They are uncomplicated to solve. You only need to either supply the app the interest it needs or configure it to avoid requesting your attention. In some instances, though, the opening of an app is not quite right. It’ll activate a notification in Home windows to keep carefully the taskbar wide open but won’t screen anything noticeable so that you can close. This Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen issue is a whole lot worse when coupled with Windows’ capacity to hide system holder icons.

You may usually fix the challenge by restarting the challenge application, or simply clicking the icon to bring about whatever the concealed notification was. Nevertheless, you have some other available choices as well.

1 – Confirm Your Taskbar Settings (and Restart Explorer)

Just to make certain we’re on a single webpage, right-click the Taskbar and choose “Settings” from the framework menu (or “Properties” if you are using windows 8 or 7). In Home windows 10, this introduces the “Taskbar” web page of the Settings app. Ensure that the “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” option is allowed. If you’re by using a tablet. Or you can use the tablet setting on the touchscreen monitor. You can also determine if you need the equivalent tablet method option allowed as well.

You can get rid of the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen issue easily in Windows 7, 8 or Vista as well. In the situation when you are using windows 8, 7, or Vista, you will see the “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” window instead. Ensure that the “Auto hide the taskbar” option is allowed.


From time to time, if you are experiencing the “Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen” issue, just turning the feature off and again on again will fix your trouble.

As long as you’re at it, here’s an added thing to try to eliminate the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen issue. Sometimes whenever the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen and also you can’t find the reason why restarting Home windows Explorer can make the condition go away–at least briefly. And restarting Explorer is a lot faster than restarting your personal computer. If neither of these banishes the condition completely, it is time to find at fault.

2 – Open Up Hidden Icons and Right-Click Them

In some instances, the main challenge of the taskbar not auto hiding is due to the system holder icons. They indicate if you want their attention, but are covered from view.

Here, for example, the Slack app desires attention. But you will see its icon is concealed on the page of extra programs. You only have the capacity to find out if you click on the little up arrow at the kept side of the machine tray. All you have to do in this circumstance is pop wide open that page and find out if any programs need your attention. Click or right-click on them and the taskbar should hide again. You can even help minimize this problem by dragging the Icons for software that occasionally demand attention right down to the primary section of the system folder where you can view them.

In the rare cases, you’ll have system holder icon that supports the taskbar wide open though it doesn’t visually demand your attention. Unless you see an evident notification in one of the apps, just try right-clicking each subsequently and discover if it resolves your trouble. If you discover the one that behaves this way, you may well be able to switch off notifications for the app or at least move it right down to the key system holder area where it’s much easier to find.

3 – Customize Notification Settings

Ideally, by this point, you’ve determined which app is triggering the problem. You now have a choice to make: you can allow it keep notifying you, mentioning the taskbar each and every time, or you can change that app’s notifications off. This is applicable if the app notifies you by blinking a normal taskbar button or something holder icon. And it is applicable if the notification is a badge on the icon or a balloon notification. When you can live without notifications from that app, you could be able to transform them off. The secret is determining where to do this.

How to Customize Notification Settings

For software that informs you by blinking a taskbar button, there could be nothing you can certainly do. Some applications display their button at you if you make an effort to close an unsaved doc. Or if indeed they need to set up an add-on or upgrade themselves. But also for some apps, like the Skype app we brought up previously, you can explore the app’s adjustments and find out if there’s a choice for turning off notifications. They may cause the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen issue.

For software that inform you by showing a badge or image on something tray icon, you will have to explore the software options to see whether you can change those notifications off. Regrettably, there’s not really a central area for those types of adjustments. You are able to usually gain access to the options for those specific background programs by right-clicking the machine holder icon and choosing “Settings,” “Preferences,” or so on.

For applications that induce balloon or toast notifications, you could be able to switch off notifications in the app’s options. However, Home windows also have an integral way to regulate many of these types of notifications. It’s just a little different depending which version of windows you utilize, so we recommend looking into our full tutorials to customizing and tweaking system holder Icons and using and configuring the Windows 10 Action Center. Again, notifications in Home windows 10 typically don’t cause issues with taskbar auto hiding, but it can simply happen with notifications in earlier versions. And if you need to go all in, we’ve also acquired a guide to totally disabling balloon tips, which works great in those earlier Windows versions.

4 – Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade

Also, you start with the Home windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade, Home windows 10 added an attribute for letting software screen badges on taskbar switches. Typically, they are for programs like Email and Calendar where in fact the badge can screen a matter of unread items. These badges don’t usually cause the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen if it places to auto hide, but if you think this is triggering you trouble you can hide those taskbar button badges.

Preferably, at least one of the tips for the Windows 10 taskbar won’t hide in fullscreen can help you solve your problem. You will be back to a good, big, clean desktop.


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