9 Best Ad Networks List For Small Publishers (with Fast Approval)

If you created your blog/website and want to earn money from it. The only easy way to earn money from blogging is monetizing your blog/website contents with Ad networks.

These ad networks are beneficial for both publishers and advertisers.You can earn tons of money from this ad networks which I’m about to mention below. First of all make sure you get enough traffic to your blog because if you don’t have good traffic coming to your website then, you won’t be making any money from your blog/website.


  • CPM  (Cost per Mile) – which pays you with per 1000 impression to the ad.
  • CPC   (Cost per Click) – Cost of that ad for one click.
  • CPA  (Cost per Action) – Which pays you if the viewer completes the action through the ad, which advertiser wants. [eg: email verification, downloading]

Best Ad Networks for Publishers/Website Owners


Adsense is one of the best ad network provided by Google, It is used all around the world. Many professional bloggers use it to make money and you can too.

You can earn good amount of money if you have Traffic coming from these countries USA, Canada, and Australia.

But Adsense has very strict rule’s AND also it’s very difficult to get approved for a new website/blog. So read their policies and rules before applying.

If you want to be approved by Adsense than check my guide:
Get fast Adsense approval!!

Adsense Minimum payout= 100$
Payment Type= Check, Wire transfer, and Payoneer.
Ads type= Contextual
Model= CPC, CPM, CPA
Minimum Traffic= None
Approval Process Difficulty= Medium


Yahoo & Bing ads if we combine it we get (Media.net). For me, it is also the best network to monetize my contents but this only works good in some niches, not every website is suitable for this network.

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Media.net offers higher CPM/RPM than Adsense. Media.net is an RPM/CPM based network which only pays you with the cost per impression (CPM) the more impressed you get to the ads the more you make money.

You can increase media.net earnings with these recommended tips.

Media.net Minimum payout= 100$
Payment Type= Paypal, Direct Deposit
Ads type=Contextual
Model=  CPM, CPA
Minimum Traffic= None
Approval Process Difficulty= Medium

PropellerAds provides ads in all standard sizes such as 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, 120×600, and more apart from on click and in-banner video ad formats.

If the ads are positioned strategically, you can expect CPMs as much as 1-2$ for the US and UK inventory but propellerads only provide banner ads to a large website.

They have 3,000 active campaigns worldwide and perform manual checks to remove all unsafe and suspicious advertisers—ensuring high ad quality.

One thing I love about this networks is that a user he who doesn’t have a website can also make money by a getting a direct link to the ad from propellerad.

Publishers get the benefit of a 100% monetized inventory, in-time payouts, a personal account manager, and detailed real-time reporting.

Propellerads Minimum payout= 25$
Payment Type= Direct Deposit, Bank transfer , Paypal
Model= CPM, CPC, CPA,
Minimum Traffic= None
Approval Process Difficulty= Easy


Adsterra is another a great popular  ad network which serves as much as 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions a month. It provides innovative advertising solutions for the web and mobile advertisers and publishers worldwide.

It provides various ad formats for the web and mobile platform including display banners, interstitial, popunders, direct links, sliders, and Pushup.

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Adsterra Minimum payout=100$
Payment Type=, PayPal, payza, Direct Deposit, Bank transfer
Model= CPM, CPC, CPA,
Minimum Traffic= None
Approval Process Difficulty= Medium


Revenuehits is very different when compared to the other ad networks on this list. This network provides many types of ad format which might be interesting to you.

Revenuehits havily focused on CPA, but you will also earn by clicks and impressions. They also have referral program.

Revenue hits Minimum payout= 20$
Payment Type= Paypal, Payoneer, Bank transfer
Model= CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV, Auction
Minimum Traffic= None
Approval Process Difficulty= Easy


Best alternative to AdSense, Chitika has over 450,000 publishers on its network and serves over five billion ads per month, making it one of the largest ad networks in the world if you were to go by those metrics.

Its proprietary targeting and optimization technology uses programmatic buying to serving precisely the right ad, at the right time.

The approval process for new publishers is usually pretty straightforward and takes a little time.

Chitika  Minimum payout=10$
Payment Type= Paypal, Check
Model= CPC
Minimum Traffic= None
Approval Process Difficulty= Easy


Infolinks has launched in 2007 and since then, they have helped thousands of publishers and advertisers to help them monetize and advertise their brands.

Most publishers are satisfied with InfoLinks in-text advertising ads and are using it as a good alternative to Google AdSense.

Infolinks offer various advertising products such as in-frame, in-text, in-fold, and in-tag (more about this later).

Payment Type= PayPal, eCheck, ACH ,Payoneer
Infolinks Minimum payout= 50$
Model= CPC
Minimum Traffic= 10K per day
Approval Process Difficulty= Medium

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Adbuff also an amazing ad network for a publisher to get started by this network has some strict rules.

Adbuff offers good CPM and RPM rates because it’s focused on RPM/CPM and also it’s the best alternative to AdSense.

Payment Type= PayPal, Payoneer, Wire
Adbuff Minimum payout= 100$
Model= CPM
Minimum Traffic=1.5K per day
Approval Process Difficulty= Medium

9- Buysellads

Now, this monetization network is an amazing place for both Advertiser and the publishers. From Buysellads networks, you can directly make a contract with the advertisers.

If your website gets a good amount of traffic then advertisers will contact you to place their ad on your blog and the CPM rates are very high depends on the type of advertiser.

Just list your website or blog here, to get sponsored by an advertiser.

Payment Type= PayPal, Check, Wire, Bitcoin
Buysellads Minimum payout= 20$
Model= CPM, CPC
Minimum Traffic=50K per day
Approval Process Difficulty= Hard


Finally, these are the best ad networks for bloggers and advertisers to achieve their goals. Only choose one or two networks to implement on your website.

If you’re a blogger then you must choose network which provides banner ad because popunder ads will make your blog user uncomfortable while crawling your site.

Try all and examine which works best for you…


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