Best Online Android Emulators – Run Android Apps In Web Browser

Online Android Emulators: These are also known as Browser Based Android Emulators because they run on any normal web browser like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Android is one of the most widely used operating system on the planet. It is powering billions of Smartphones worldwide. The main competitor of  Android is Apple’s iOS. But Android remains dominant despite the competition.

Team Android or Team iOS?

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The number of applications and games available for Android is far more compared to that in the iOS which is among some of the reasons why it is dominant. Google Play store is the official destination from where we can download all kinds of applications from simple alarm clock to more complex applications like CAD or Photoshop. Android applications are packaged in a zip format called Android Application Package Kit (APK). To run an apk file, we need to have a smartphone or tablet powered by Android. But we can run these applications without actually having an Android device and that is exactly what we are going to see.

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What are Online Android Emulators?

Emulators are basically hardware of software that enables one computer to behave like another computer. So Android Emulators are piece of software that enables to run Android applications and games on a different ecosystem like a Windows PC. Android Emulators that doesn’t need any downloaded software to run, rather it runs on the cloud and can be accessed on a normal web browser are called  Android Online Emulators. We will be seeing some of the best options that are available right now.

Pros of Online Android Emulators

  • Easy to use, you just need a browser.
  • No installation required.
  • No Downloads Necessary.
  • Instant Setup.
  • Less Resource Intensive.
  • Useful for one time application running.

Cons of Online Android Emulators

  • Takes time to Run App (Non-cloud Ones).
  • Few FREE Online Android Emulators available.
  • Many are premium only , Free options are not available.
  • Limited Options available .

How to Run Android Applications on Web Browser

Previously there was a FREE Online Android Emualtor called Manymo which is sadly unavaible now. Manymo was a subscription based Online Android Emulatos in which we could just upload the apk file and then run it right from
web browser.  But we have got new and better alternatives to that.

TestObject Online Android Emulator FREE

TestObject is among the best FREE Online Android Emulator running on the Cloud that is available right now. Since it is hosted on the Cloud, apps run much faster and smoother(also depends on your internet connection). You will have to Signup for a FREE TestObject Account to start using the services. Just enter your details and verify the email id. Once you have signed up on the website, you will be taken to your dashboard page. You will be able to choose from a lot of devices. No credit card required while signing up.

Step  1: From the dashboard, select Android/iOS App Button to start uploading the application and run it on the browser.

Step 2: Drag and drop the apk file of the application the you want to run from the browser or Click “Choose File” button and browse it from the computer.

Step 3: Once you upload the application, just fill in some details for the application and Click on Save.


Step 4:   After you upload and save the details of the apk file, you will be taken to the main dashboard. Click on “Live Testing” Button to run the application.

Step 5:  Once you click the Live Testing button you will be taken to the testing page were you can select the device in which you want to run your application. To see the available devices in the online android emulator, scroll down a bit. Some of the devices will not available in FREE version and also some applications might be In Use. Click “Open Device” button to select the device and run the application.

Step 6:   Here you can see i have uploaded the Flappy Bird apk file and after I have selected the device from the previous screen, i can see the application and run the android app from the web browser itself (tried with Google Chrome). You will also see many buttons like Screenshot, Wifi, Auto rotate etc which can be used to make changes to the online android emulator screen.

Running WhatsApp on Web Browser

If you want to test drive an application on the browser, Download GB WhatsApp application.

If you want to  add another app, Just Click on the logo on the left side and you will be taken to the Apps page. New apps can be added by clicking “Add New” button.

Appetize Web Based Emulator Android Online FREE

Appetize is another web based online android emulator that is FREE. It is pretty basic compared to TestObject . You will have limited devices to try running the applications on , but it won’t matter much if you are running small applications. The interface is pretty basic and you can easily navigate the website. You need to signup before you can access the service. Just use your email id to get started.

Step 1:  Once you signup to appetize and verify the email address, just click on “Upload” and  you can see Upload and app page. Select the application apk file by clicking “Select File” Button .

Step 2:   Once you have uploaded the apk file, Go to Dashboard. Scroll Down to see Apps List were you ca n see the apps that you have uploaded to Click on “View” Link to run the application.

You can see the Android application running on web browser on the Appetize Online Android Emulator which is absolutely FREE.

More Online Android Emulators

Here are some more android emulators which either has a premium membership fee or has very less features. So i would rather just link them because its not worth reviewing as most would always prefer the Free version.

Final Thoughts

Online Android Emulators is a great way to quickly run an Android application without having to actually download and install any software. You can just run any android app from the web browser. The mentioned online emulators are running on the cloud which makes them so fast and reliable. Definitely give them a go. It doesn’t cost a thing. Signup for a FREE account and explore.

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