Cool, Fast and New Web Browsers For Android You Never Even Heard of.

Today we are going to see some of the cool web browsers that you probably never heard of. When it comes to browsers Google Chrome is most commonly and widely used web browser on Android or on Windows.  Google Chrome is widely used because of its efficiency and simplicity. But do you know that there are tons of cool web browsers thst you can try at times.

Me personally, I use Google Chrome whenever possible even on my mobile phone or on my laptop it’s my go to browser. The main reason why Google Chrome is so popular among the users is that it is super fast ( How to speed up Google Chrome)  it looks clean ,integrates with a Google account, we don’t have to remember passwords we can just sync those passwords with a Google account. You can sync passwords and the bookmarks on any device. I literally stopped memorizing my passwords since Google Chrome does it for me.

The look of Google Chrome is same across all the platforms. This makes us feel like home.Some of the Other common browsers that we use our Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge extra on desktop and UC Browser, Opera, Safari for smartphones. Looking at the statistics Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser and UC browser comes in at second place in Mobile category.

When it comes to download I personally prefer UC Browser for its awesome download manager. It is very  functional and easy to manage downloads. In Google Chrome, by default all the downloaded files are saved to Phone Internal Memory. But you can change the download location in Google Chrome Android very easily.

Cool Web Browsers

We are going to see some of the coldest web browsers that are available for Android that you probably never even heard of.

Opera Touch.

Opera Touch is the latest mobile browser developed by Opera. Opera Mini was the star Browser in olden days when we used to have Nokia s40 devices.  Opera touch is a browser that is mainly focusing on touch interface. Smartphones are getting larger screens year by year. It is hard to reach the top most corner of a 6 inch screen.Quick Read
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Opera touch Browser wants to make one hand usage more easier. It has a small icon at the bottom which houses all the controls like going back, opening new tabs, reload etc. When you start the browser, you can instantly start browsing by typing in the url or you can also use voice search. Since all the controls are to the bottom, it is very easy to use with one hand.

There is another call feature called Flow which lets you share the webpage that you are browsing on your mobile phone to your computer and vice versa. Opera touch also has Many security and privacy related settings. Opera touch has a native ad blocker and also a cryptocurrency mining protection feature. It is a great web browser if you like to browse the internet with only one hand.

Firefox focus

If you are a kind person who is more worried about the privacy of your browsing session, then this particular browser from Firefox is for you. The Firefox focus is a  new browser that focuses on security and privacy. The browser is made available in a very small package and does not consume much system resources.

The browser will allow you to browse only in a single tab, that means you can browse only a single website at a time. That’s  the whole idea of naming  the browser is about,focusing on a single website at a time. It blocks all kinds of trackers on a website from accessing your data. It even blocks analytical scripts and all third party scripts that will consume your personal data giving you total privacy.

It’s a very simple and clean web browser without much complications and very it’s easy to use. You should definitely try this browser if you are concerned about your privacy and security.

Cake web browser

Cake web browser is another really cool web browser that you could give a try. Cake Web Browser is exclusively for searching the internet. We can just enter the search term and the browser will open the search results in different tabs. Then we can simply swipe between the tabs. This can be really helpful if we are searching for things because we will be able to get content from many websites without having to actually go back and search again. This browser is suited for those people who do a lot of searching.Cake Web loads web pages based on the website loading speed, so the fastest result appears first which means no more waiting. Just swipe to get to the next result. The browser will load the rest of the pages when we start swiping. The web browser also has a Privacy mode in which the browser will not remember the pages you browse.Quick Read
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The browser has a button to search in different categories. We can search in Picture mode were we can get results from Google Images, Giphy, Flickr etc. Video Search mode shows results from Google, Vimeo, Bing, Dailymotion.  Shopping search helps you search products from different websites like ebay, amazon etc. With just a single  search we can get results from multiple websites which  saves us a lot of time. We don’t have to search again or go back. Just swipe to see a different website. This is definitely a cool browser with a different concept.


Flynx Browser

Next up we have another cool browser called Flynx Browser which is basically a Floating Browser meaning you can load your websites and articles in the background. Flynx Browser helps you load links from apps without actually having to minimize the app you are using. The websites will be added as floating Windows like you see in Facebook Messenger. When the website gets loaded just click on the floating bubble and you will be taken to the page. You can load multiple websites too.

It is very convenient since you don’t have to wait for the page to load we can just open the pages and continue working with a phone and when the web page loads completely we can just click on the floating bubble to open the website. Normally if we are browsing through Facebook feed and just so I link and if we click on that link will be taken to a web browser but in case of Flynx Browser you can stay in the Facebook application while you’re link loads up in the background.

This could be really helpful if you want to open a link that is shared in a Facebook post or on a twitter feed or in Youtube description. You can just click on the link on the post and the browser will lot of the website in the background and you still can continue browsing through your Facebook feed or your Twitter feed or watching Youtube. You can stay in the application you’re using while the website for the link loads of in the background.

Via Browser

This browser is having size just under an MB. Yeah 1 MB. It comes with all the basic features like bookmarks,download manager and more. If you are worried about your browser taking up a lot of system resources this process is for you. With a very less packet size it has a smaller memory footprint than other browsers.
The browser is the cleanest among the bunch, without any clutter. The browser is absolutely fast. The browser itself loads pretty fast and also loads the websites and articles faster than many other browsers.
It also comes with features like data saving mode, ad blocker, privacy protection, night mode, desktop mode bookmarks, addons etc. What can someone ask for in a browser that is having a size of just under an MB.


Yu Browser is a Chrome based mobile browser which is optimised for Qualcomm Snapdragon devices. If your phone is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, you can increase the performance of browser by up to 40% than Google Chrome. It comes with all the features of Google Chrome like Incognito mode, power saving mode, then there is background audio, webpage translation and also a night mode to keep us safe while browsing at night.
It also a comes with an ad blocker which will be able to filter out advertisements from  websites. It can also prevent third party trackers from collecting information about the website you visit and also the personal information. So if you are having a Qualcomm Snapdragon device definitely try this browser, you will definitely feel the difference.

Aloha  Browser

Most interesting feature of this web browser is that it has a built in VPN support. When you open the browser you’ll be prompt to connect to the VPN. You don’t have to install separate VPN application to browse the internet anonymously if you have Aloha Browser. It has a native ad blocker which can block almost all the ads on a webpage. We can change the themes and look of the browser and it also supports VR player right inside Browser. We don’t have to actually download in a VR players to watch VR content on the internet.The Aloha browser also comes with the built-in Download Manager like me having UC Browser UC Browser teasley download content from the internet.

Firefox Rocket

This is a  new browser from Firefox focused on Speed. We have seen above, Firefox Focus which is mainly focusing on privacy and single tab browsing. Firefox Rocket has a Turbo mode which blocks 3rd party scripts including ads to speed up website loading times. It does actually speed up the loading times  in practical. 3rd party scripts can often take a lot of time and bandwidth which causes a website to slow down.

The new browser has a really simple interface which i personally enjoyed. The app size is just under 3MB which means that it doesn’t hurt your phone storage. There is also a Data saver which helps reduce data usage. Firefox rockets also has a bunch of privacy features which blocks trackers and  allows you to browse without traces.

One of the most interesting feature in this new browser by Mozilla is the New screenshot  feature. This allows the users to take the whole site screenshot and save it to your phone. You can view them offline. Some other features include multi tab browsing and also supports multiple downloads as well.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of Cool  Web browsers out there apart from Google chrome or UC Browser. These are just a few of them with some cool features. Feel free to download and install them. Explore their features, and experiment at times. Some of the browsers are faster and more secure than some of the most commonly used ones. Browsers like Via browser can be considered if you are having an older phone or if you don’t want a browser that uses most of your system resources.


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