How Old is My Computer (Find the Age of Your Computer Easily)

Have you ever thought about this in your mind- How old is my computer? Or ever wondered How do I tell How old my computer is…? Well you can easily find How old your computer is using these simple methods.

Computers are everywhere, we use it for many purposes from simple web browsingto intensive gaming. There are different ranges of hardware on a PC ranging from Low end (Intel Pentium) to Min-Range (Intel Core i5) to High-Range (Intel Core i9). Not just the processor of the system determines the performance of the computer but also other components like Graphics card, Memory etc.

You can find How old the computer is and check if it’s time to upgrade or not. Computer hardware are getting better each year with the release of newer and faster chips and graphics cards. You can also make sure that the system is not too old or outdated when you are purchasing a refurbished or second hand device by checking their age.

How Old is My Computer (Windows)

Windows keeps certain information regarding the system and the operating system itself. Windows records the date in which Windows was installed on the computer. As long as the operating system is not re-installed, you can find out the Windows Installation date and figure out the age of the computer.
If Windows has been reinstalled, we will not be able to find that exact age of the computer or laptop using this method. We will have to use other ways to find How old the computer is.

#1. Finding the Age of Computer using Command Prompt

Using Command Prompt we get information regarding  the system like the hardware info and software info. You can use this information to find the age of the computer.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt by Pressing Win + X or Launch Run by pressing Win + R and then entering cmd.

Step 2: Once Command Prompt is open, Enter “systeminfo”. This will collect information regarding your computer.

Step 3: Scroll down a bit, and you shall see Original Installation Date and a corresponding Date and Time.

That is the Date on which Windows was installed on the computer. So if you haven’t reinstalled Windows on the computer, the Original Installation Date can be used to tell How old your computer is. In my case, since the OS has been reinstalled, the age of my laptop cannot be calculated using the Windows Installation Date.

Note: Don’t bother to check it if you have reinstalled the operating system.


You can also check the BIOS version in command prompt which will give you an idea of How old the system is. In my case I was able to find the BIOS Version info showed a date: 21-10-2016. In my case the year of manufacturing and the year mentioned in BIOS version are the same. So I can be sure that the system is 2 years old now.Quick Read
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#2. Searching using the Serial Number/Service Tag

For most of the computers or laptops, the manufacture will have put up stickers with necessary information like the service tags, product Ids, Serial Numbers etc. on the backside (in case of laptops) or on the sides. In my case, I was able to find a label in which the Manufacturing Date of the System is printed along with the Serial Numbers. Many brands do this, while some others don’t print out the Year of Manufacturing on the product.

This will be the best way to get all the details regarding your computer or laptop. Every OEM computer or laptop will have a serial number which is used for identifying the system. If you are using an assembled PC, then you might not be able to find a serial number.

You can also get serial number in command prompt. Just enter the below line of text:

wmic bios get serialnumber

Once you get the serial number, you can visit the website of the OEM and search using the Serial Number. In case of Dell, you will be able to find a service tag. You will be able to get the date of manufacturing or at least the year. But it’s not guaranteed that all the brands provide this information.

#3. Search using Model Name/Number

You can quickly get the dates when the computer or laptop was brought to the market by searching the exact model number. You can find the model number on the system or find it using the command prompt method. You will be able to get the Model Number corresponding to System Model tag in command prompt.
You can then google the model number to get the launch year.

These are some of the methods that you can try to find out the age of your computer or laptop. Feel free to share your thoughts on the same. Also share it among your friends if you think this might help them.


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