How To Convert Your Computer To Wi-Fi Hotspot And Wi-Fi Repeater

You can use your Windows laptop or PC as a Wi-Fi hotspot allowing other devices to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi Hotspot or Tethering is a common feature in every smartphone now a days. It can be used to share your Mobile Data with other users so that they too can access the internet.

So if you are wondering How to make your computer a hotspot or How to share the internet access on your computer to others? Or How to share internet from pc to mobile via Wi-Fi? Or How to share internet from laptop to mobile via Wi-Fi. Then this is the only guide you’ll ever need.

Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10 without any Software

Windows 10 by default has the option to create Wi-Fi hotspot if you don’t already know. It is very basic and simple to setup the computer as a hotspot using Windows 10. With a few clicks you can configure the Wi-Fi and get your hotspot started.

How to create Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows 10

Step 1: There are two ways you can activate the Wi-Fi hotspot option on a Windows 10 device. The first is by going into the Command Center by clicking the last icon on the taskbar which is situated next to the Time.

Step 2: You can then click on Mobile hotspot option and viola; you have successfully converted your laptop or pc into a Wi-Fi hotspot.


You can simply click on the Network icon on the taskbar and then Select Mobile Hotspot from there. This is the exact same thing which we did earlier, just a different way to reach the setting.

How to Configure the Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 10

We have seen how to create Wi-Fi hotspot on a Windows 10 device, but how can we configure the hotspot? We can easily change the Wi-Fi name and password by going into the Mobile hotspot settings.

Step 1: Right click on the Mobile Hotspot to reveal Go to Settings.

Step 2: Now you will be able to see the settings for your hotspot. There is an option to select which connection to share. You will be able to set the Network name, password and the band.

  Windows Hotspot Software (supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

If you are not able to create Wi-Fi hotspot using the default functionality in Windows 10 or if you are running on an older version of Windows which doesn’t have the feature, there are other 3rd party options that you can go for which does the same for you. On top of the default options you get in Windows Wi-Fi hotspot, you get more options on these 3rd party software.

One of the most prominent names in this category is Connectify and its simply the best option for creating Wi-Fi hotspot on any supported computer or laptop easily.

Connectify – Wi-Fi Hotspot Software for Windows 10

Connectify is undoubtedly the best hotspot creating software that you can find online. So we will be taking more about it and its features as we go.  The main feature of the software is that it can convert your computer or laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot. The software is very simple and easy to use. It has a really neat interface which makes using it hassle free.

Create Wi-Fi Hotspot using Connectify

Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on your windows computer with connectify is super easy. You will have to download and install the software from their website. Once you have downloaded and installed connectify, we can get started on creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on a windows computer.

Step 1: Open Connectify software. The main screen shows the Wi-Fi hotspot option by default.

Step 2: Select the Internet connection you want to share. You will be able to share the Wi-Fi connection that your laptop or computer is connected to or you can share your Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Next up, there is an option to choose the Network mode. In Routed mode, the internet traffic from the connected clients will appear to be originating from your device. Whereas in the bridged mode, clients will appear directly on the source network.

Step 4: Give your Wi-Fi Hotspot a cool name to distinguish from others. Connectify supports emoji in Wi-Fi names which is really cool in my opinion.

Step 5: Create a password for the Wi-Fi connection so that only authenticated users can access the internet connection.

Step 6: Once you are done with setting up the name and password, there are 3 more options. Under the Firewall section you can allow internet access, allow local network access and enable Ad blocker.

Step 7: Click on Start Hotspot.

Ad-blocker in Connectify is a really cool feature that you get when compared to the default Mobile hotspot feature on Windows.


When the Ad-blocker is enabled, all the devices that is connected to the hotspot can have an Ad-free experience. They don’t have to install any ad-blocker app or plugin. All the internet traffic will be routed by removing ads. I tried this personally and  was surprised to see how well it performed. The Adblocker was able to block most ads on the websites which I tried. This means that you don’t have to install any Ad blocker App or Ad blocker Plugin for your Browser.

If you want to disable Internet  Access or Local Network Access for a particular client, Connectify has the option to do it. You can simple go to Clients and then right click on the connected client to disable Internet access and more.

Share your VPN connection via Wi-Fi Hotspot

Using Connectify you can easily share your VPN connection to other devices using hotspot. This means that you just have to run the VPN on your computer and all the devices connected to the hotspot will also be utilising the VPN. So you can have all your device internet routed through a VPN with just a single VPN connection.

This means that you don’t have to buy more VPN licenses to use in multiple devices. You can just get a VPN subscription for your computer and then connect all the other devices to the computer using the Connectify hotspot.

Converting your Laptop as a Virtual Router (Wired)

You can also convert your laptop or computer as a virtual router. You can share the internet connection on your pc through the Ethernet connector. That is say your computer is connected to Wi-Fi and has internet access. In case of a computer without Wi-Fi, we connect to the internet by plugging in the Ethernet connector to the router. Similarly, you can simply plug in the Ethernet cable to the laptop or pc where Connectify is installed. Then using the Wired Router option, the internet connection on the laptop or pc can be shared via the Ethernet port.

Setting up the Wired Router is similar to what we have done above.

Step 1: Click on the Wired Router option.

Step 2: Select the Internet connection to share.

Step 3: Set the mode of Network Access.

Step 4: Select the Ethernet port on the device.

Step 5: Click on Start Hotspot.

You get the same Firewall options for the Wired Router mode as well.

How to Convert your laptop as a Wi-Fi Repeater

If you are having poor Wi-Fi connectivity in your home or office, a Wi-Fi repeater can help improve the signal strength. A Wi-Fi repeater basically amplifies the  signal so you can get more coverage for your Wi-Fi connection.

A Wi-Fi repeater is a hardware that needs to be plugged in and configured to repeat the connection. But you can use your laptop or computer as a Wi-Fi repeater with the help of software. How this works is that the software will be using the internal Wi-Fi network component of the computer to act as a repeater.

Connectify has a Wi-Fi repeater functionality to turn your laptop or computer into a Wi-Fi repeater without the need for a hardware. You can simple use Connectify to do the same.

Here is how to setup your laptop as a Wi-Fi Repeater using Connectify

Step 1: Select the Wi-Fi repeater option in Connectify.

Step 2: Select the Wi-Fi connection to repeat.

Step 3: Optionally you can configure the firewall.

That’s it you have successfully setup your laptop or computer as a Wi-Fi repeater. I personally tried this and it works well. In my house, I have few places where the Wi-Fi signal strength was poor. I tried the Wi-Fi Repeater feature on my laptop and I was able to get full Wi-Fi signal strength at the same location. So its practical and works without any issues. But I doubt if someone would be using this feature extensively or not.

Connectify team was kind enough to give us a copy of Connectify Max which has all the bells and whistles. I personally used the Connectify Wi-Fi hotspot software for over a week now and I am really satisfied with it. It does what it is supposed to do.

Final Thoughts

Windows 10 has a inbuilt Mobile Hotspot feature which will help you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot so that you can share the Internet connection on the computer with other devices over Wi-Fi. Setting up Mobile hotspot in Windows 10 is super easy. You just have to configure the Network name and password .

If you need more control over Wi-Fi hotspot, you can go for 3rd party softwares like Connectify to create Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows machine. Connectify can be used to create Wi-Fi hotspot in other Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 also.  Older version of Windows doesn’t have the inbuilt Mobile Hotspot feature. So you’ll have to rely on softwares like Connectify.


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