How to Electricity Bill Payment, BSNL Landline Bill Payment Online!

Electricity Bill Payment Guide | BSNL Landline and Broadband Bill Payment Online | DTH Recharge Guide. How to recharge your Home TV Connection? Electricity Bill Payment Methods and more coming in this post. Internet is one of the most beautiful innovation in the whole history. Internet is what made people closer and achieve things that were not possible before. It has revolutionized every field, you name it.

Do you remember those days? We have to go to our Electricity office and be in a queue for a long time to pay our electricity bills. Same was the case with Phone bill payments as well. But Now everything has changed. Electricity Bill Payment or Phone Bill Payment merely takes in 2 seconds. Yeah…2 seconds. You think I’m joking…See for yourself.

Are Online Payments Safe?

This is the only thing is holding people from making payments online using their credit cards or debit cards. We always hear of news were money is being stolen from bank accounts and through internet scams. So normally this question arises . Online payments are 100% Safe and Secure. All these transactions are going through highly encrypted mediums and is also governed by PCI DSS. If we are  careful, then it is completely safe to make online payments and do recharges and pay bills. These are some things you should be aware of:

  • Check the website for authenticity and always prefer reputed services.
  • Check if the website is using “https“. ( You will be able to see  “secure” before the URL on your browser)
  • Never share your card details, One Time Passwords with anyone.
  • Check Account Statements regularly.

KSEB Electricity Bill Payment

We are going to see two method to pay  KSEB Bills Online in this article – One is through the Official website of KSEB and the other is through PayTM App which is more convenient. While paying using PayTM, please be noted that the payment processing at the  service provider will  take two working days to  be considered Paid. KSEB website was recently revamped and it is made very simple and easy to make payments so that even the common people can find there way on the website.

Method 1: KSEB Bill Payment (Official Website)

Lets first see how we can Pay Electricity Bills Online. KSEB or Kerala State Electricity Board is the governing body which provides electricity for the District. KSEB have introduced their Online Bill Payment Portal called KSEB Bill Payment Portal. We can quickly pay our Electricity Bills Online and also get details regarding the usage and payment history. Kseb bill portal website can be accessed on your smartphone or on PC.

  1. Visit KSEB Bill Payment portal Here
  2. You can see Quick Pay Section, You have two options.
    1. Enter Consumer Number
    2. Enter Mobile Number
  3. Mobile Number can be used  to pay if you have registered the number by Signing Up.
  4. Enter the Consumer Number and Click “Submit to See Bill” Button.
  5. You will be able to see the bill details.
  6. You will be able to see Consumer Name, Bill Amount etc. Click “Proceed to Payment
  7. Select Payment Mode  (Normal Method is to select Debit Card).
  8. Select Payment gateway (Choose any).
  9. Enter the Details and Pay.

KSEB Bill Payment Website

KSEB Online Payment Detailed Steps

This is where you will be able to find the Consumer Number on the KSEB Bill.

Step 1: Visit the Website and Enter the Consumer Number(Marked as C# or Consumer #) that can be found on your Bill. Clicking the Submit button takes you to another page where you can see the details .

Step 2: On this page, you will be able to see your Consumer Name, Section Name, Bill Amount etc. Verify the details and then Click on Proceed Button. This will take you to payment options as shown below.

Payment Page shows the options available like Debit Card, Net Banking etc.

Step 3: On the payment options page, first of all, you need to choose the method of payment. Click on Debit Card as we will be using the ATM Card to make the payment in this tutorial. After selecting Debit Card option, you  need to choose the type of ATM Card, you have. Take your ATM card and check for the logo and select appropriate option. After selecting Card type, you need to select any one Payment Gateway from the options (Its doesn’t matter)

This is how you need to fill the card details on the payment page.

Step 4: After that you will be taken to the page where you need to enter the ATM Card details. Enter the card details as show in the picture above. CVV is the 3 digit code on the back side of the ATM Card below the black strip. After the Click on “Pay Now“. You will be taken to your Banks website. Enter the One Time Password that you received on your registered phone number. Enter the OTP and click on Pay. Wait for few seconds and you will see that the payment was successful message.


You don’t have to worry about security as we are paying the electricity bill using KSEB’s Official Bill Payment Website. It is 100% secure. Entering ATM card details is also 100% safe . All payment transactions are made possible through high security lines only.

Method 2: Pay Electricity Bills using PayTM

Another method to pay Electricity Bills is using PayTM Application . If you are already a PayTm user, you will be aware of that and it supports most Electricity Providers throughout India. PayTM has also added support for KSEB Online bill payment as well. You can do it on PayTM Mobile Application or on PayTM Website as well. One of the best reason to do recharge via PayTM is that there will be Offers and Discounts on recharge at times.

Visit the PayTM Offer section to know more about Current Offers and Discounts.

Visit here to Pay Bill

BSNL Bill Payment Online

BSNL is India’s largest telecom body which provides landline, broadband, and mobile services. Paying BSNL bills has become so easy nowadays that you don’t even have to waste any of your precious time to go to the telephone office and pay the bill. But people still do that because they are unaware of the current technological  developments. This post intended for that sole purpose. To let people aware of the available facilities so that they can save a lot of time and money. In conclusion, these services are provided for this reason and everybody should be using it.

In regards to this we will see two methods to actually make payments towards your Telephone/Broadband Bill.

Method 1: BSNL Bill Payment Online (Official)

BSNL Bill Payment Page were you enter the Phone Number and other Details

BSNL Payment Website

You will be taken to the webpage as shown above.

  1. Enter your phone number with your STD code omitting the 0. For example if your Phone Number is 0460220xxxx then Enter   460220xxxx. 
  2. Enter the E-mail Id and Phone Number to receive the details
  3. Click on Pay
  4. Next Page you will see the Bill Details.
  5. Check the Details and Click “Pay Now
  6. Choose the Payment Type and continue.
  7. Enter the Details and Pay the amount.
Bill Details for the Entered Phone Number

While Choosing Payment option you are given the following options:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Internet Banking
  • Wallet
  • UPI

Select Debit Card Option if you are having an ATM Card and want to make payment using that. After that select any gateway from the two options. Don’t matter which one you choose the procedure remains the same for both. Payment gateways are just the middle man who connects the bank and the service provider(BSNL).

First of all, Enter the card details in their respective fields. Refer the image  to see how to fill the details. Click on Make Payment  button  to continue. The Bank will be sending you a One Time Password (OTP) to you registered Mobile Number. Enter it on the portal and wait for the page to show Payment Successful Page.

This is how we quickly pay BSNL Landline/Broadband Bills using the Official BSNL Portal.

Method 2: BSNL Bill Payment Online (PayTM)

Another Method is using PayTM Application. PayTM app have a lot of features and is the only one application that you will need to make all your payments and recharges online. Earlier we have seen how to make electricity Bill Payment  using PayTM application/website. Similarly we can pay our Landline or Broadband bills using the same.

PayTM BSNL Bill Pay

  1. Visit the Above Link or Click Here
  2. Enter your Account Number (Can be found on the Bill)
  3. Enter the Phone Number.
  4. Make Payment using Debit Card.
  5. Enter the details required and make the payment.


As we have seen in this post, It is really Safe and desirable to use Online Bill Payments methods rather than going the Old School way . It is 2018 and everything is Digital in this era. Paying your bills will take only a minute and its super convenient and simple . Once you get to learn how to do it, i can assure you that you won’t ever go back to the old way of paying bills. These are just  a few ways you can pay your bills online.

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