How to Hackintosh Intel Pentium G4560 Kabylake Processor

This guide will teach you how to run Mac OS on the new Intel Pentium G4560 Quad Thread 7th Gen Processor.  You’re really only a  few steps away from turning this awesome budget CPU into a hackintosh.

What makes this CPU so great is the hyperthreaded design, which is new to the pentium lineup. You’ll get very similar performance as an i3-7100, while saving sometimes half the cost if you can get one on sale. Despite it’s low cost of $65-$80 it’s faster than the CPU found in the  2016 Macbook Pro 13in at $1800 by about ~10% and when paired with a GTX 1050 it blows the integrated GPU found on Mac out of the water.

I don’t think people know just how easily this CPU can be turned into a hackintosh. Quite frankly it should be the most popular CPU for hackintoshers, but there isn’t any good info out there explaning how to do it, so I guess not many people are aware how easily it can be done. The older Haswell Pentium G3258 can also be made into a hackintosh, but it suffers under certain circumstances with demanding applications that could cause a crash because it only has 2 threads.

This is not the case with the new Intel Pentium G4560 Quad Thread 7th Gen Processor, because of the 4 threads it packs, it runs smoothly as a hackintosh, I built one myself with an ASROCK-H270-ITX. The G4560 can be paired with any hackintosh compatible Kabylake motherboard inaddition to ASRock.

The Intel Pentium G4560 7th Gen Quad Thread Processor can be purchased here:

Overview of What’s Needed

Required Kexts

NullCPUPowerManagment.kext – Required to be able to boot with a Pentium CPU
FakeCPUID.kext – Required to spoof the id of the CPU to mimic a compatible CPU
NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext Required for iMac 17,1 SMBIOS
Lilu.kext Required kext for iMac 17,1 SMBIOS
FakeSMC.kext – Required to boot Mac OS

Nvidia Graphics Card

Since the integrated Intel HD610 iGPU  is not compatible at all with Mac OS you will need an dedicated graphics card  for acceleration. If you’re on a tight budget you can get the cheapest graphics card such as the Nvidia GT 710 although most people should opt for a more powerful GTX 1050

Config.plist Edits

The ID of the CPU needs to be set to a Haswell CPU in your config.plist to 0x0306A0 which is why FakeCPUID.kext is required. Unfortuantely Skylake ID of 0x0506E3 which is used for Kabylake Hackintosh’s  is not bootable with the Kabylake Pentium G4560. This is the code that will be needed to inserted into your config.plist under KernelAndKextPatches



The iMac 17,1 SMBIOS is what’s used for Skylake/Kabylake Hackintoshes so this is what we’ll use for the G4560 Hackintosh. You can also use the iMac 14,2 SMBIOS instead if you wanted too, to match the Haswell CPU ID set in KernelAndKextPatches.

Pentium G4560 Clover Hackintosh Guide

This guide will walk you through the steps  assuming that you are using Clover EFI bootloader.

Step 1: Mount the EFI Partition

If the EFI partition of you’re bootloader isn’t mounted follow these steps:

  1. Download Clover Configurator
  2. Open Clover Configurator
  3. Select Mount EFI under TOOLS
  4. Click Mount Partition for Install macOS…. (if that option is greyed out it’s already mounted)
  5. Click Open Partition

Step 2: Kext Placement

To make the Pentium G4560 bootable it requires two kext files:

  1. Download the Required Kexts
  2. Unzip any kext files that end are zipped
  3. Place the kexts in EFI/Clover/kexts/Other as seen in the image below:


Step 3: Spoofing CPU ID

  1.  Open config.plist with Clover Configurator
  2. Click Kernel and Kext Patches on left column
  3. Set FakeCPUID to 0x0306A0

Step 4: 17,1 SMBIOS

  1. Navigate to SMBIOS in Clover Configurator
  2. Press the Magic Wand button 
  3. Click the iMac icon on the far left
  4. Select iMac (17,1) i5-6600/i7-6700k (Skylake) 
  5. Click OK
  6. Save config.plist and exit Clover Configurator

Step 5: Installing Mac OS

  1. You’ll need to change certain settings in your BIOS before being able to boot into the MacOS installer
  2. After that you will need to install Mac OS if you have never done that on a hackintosh

Step 6: Nvidia Web Drivers

The pentium is bootable with the video output plugged the graphics card, however the web drivers must be installed to get rid of the graphical glitches.

To get a graphics card working fully you need the latest web drivers available for your version of Mac OS and to click the NvidiaWeb checkbox of System Parameters of your config.plist.


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