How to Hide Apps on Android Without Root – 5 Simple Ways [2018]

We are going to see How to hide apps on Android Phones easily without having to root the phone. These methods are really effective and can be used to hide your privacy.

There may be times when you need to hide some apps on your phone as you don’t want anybody to see or use the application. It can be banking applications or other applications like Tinder or social applications that you need to hide from your BF/GF…. In Android, you can’t hide an app from the phone without installing some kind of app. There is no in built feature will let us hide apps on Android.

Luckily we have some simple and efficient ways to hide applications on Android without having to root the phone. There are a number of applications available for Android and some of these apps, you might not want to show it to others, you can simple hide the application or disguise it.

How to Hide Apps on Android – No Root

There are a few ways you can hide apps on Android:

  1. Hide apps by Installing Apps that helps you hide them.
  2. Make use of your launcher as some launchers support hiding apps.
  3. Some launchers also allow us to disguise the application (change the name and icon of the app)

We’ll now go into each of these in detail so that next time you want to hide an app on Android, just do any of these.

If you have a rooted phone, there are few more ways you can hide apps. But if your phone is not rooted or you don’t know what rooting your phone, don’t worry you still have methods to hide apps on your phone from others. Rooting your phone can cause instability and can also tamper the firmware, instead you can try some of the simpler ways to hide apps in Android without having to root the phone.

Using an App to Hide Apps on Android without Root.

There are some applications that are available for Android that can help us hide apps from our phone. Yes, apps to hide apps. There are applications that will hide other apps on the phone. But will others see the app that is used to hide other apps? These Privacy applications are able to disguise themselves and also secure themselves using a PIN or Password.

Only someone who know that disguised form and the password can open the Privacy Hider apps and use the apps that you have hidden. This way you can have full peace of mind.

How to Hide Apps in Android with Nova Launcher (Prime)

Nova Launcher for Android is undoubtedly the best Android Launcher. I have been using Nova Launcher for years now and I’m in love. It is also among one of the most downloaded Android Launcher in the Google Play Store.

Here are some of the Best Nova Launcher Setups that you can try if you are the kind of person who likes to pimp their phone.

Nova Launcher has tons of features and offers great customizability. Among them is the ability to hide applications. You need to have the Premium version of Nova Launcher called the Nova Launcher Prime to have this feature enabled.

With the Hide apps feature, it is super easy to hide apps from the home screen and app drawer. So If you already use Nova Launcher and didn’t know that you can hide apps using it, here is how to hide apps in Android using Nova Launcher.

Also let me warn you that, this is not that secure as you can access the hidden app with a single search. So go for this method if you just need to hide apps, were its not a big deal if someone sees it accidentally. If you need serious protection, you can consider using an App Hider to hide apps.

With that in mind, let’s get into the steps for hiding apps in Android using Nova.

Step 1: Press and Hold the home screen and go to Nova settings.

Step 2: Click on App Drawer.

Step 3: Find the Hide Apps option by scrolling down a bit.

Step 4: Click on the Add button and check the applications that you want to hide.

Now you can see that the app will not be visible in the home screen or app drawer. But if you use the app search option in Nova, the app will be visible. Also the application can be visible in the Applications section in the Main settings.

How to Hide Apps in Android with Apex Launcher (Free)

Apex Launcher another great launcher for android is a great competitor of Nova Launcher. They share some similarities in looks and features. Apex launcher also offers great customizations when it comes to themes and icon layouts.

Apex Launcher allows us to hide applications from the app drawer. Here is how you can hide apps in Apex Launcher.

Step 1: Go to Apex Settings and select Hidden Apps.

Step 2: Click on Add Hidden Apps button to start adding the apps that you want to hide.


Step 3: Once done selecting the  apps, click on the Hide Apps button. The Hidden apps can be visible in the Apex Settings.

This is how you can easily hide apps using Apex Launcher. You can use the Unhide option to remove the application from the Hidden Apps list.

How to Hide Apps in Android with Go Launcher Z (Free)

Go Launcher for Android is another famous launcher many people tend to use. Personally, I’m not a fan of the launcher. I prefer more minimal looking setups compared to widely colourful and complicated looks.

Go Launcher also comes with tons of features. You can hide apps from the launcher very easily. Unlike Nova Launcher, you can setup a lock for accessing the hidden apps. This is more secure compared to just hiding the apps like in Nova.

Step 1: Open the App Drawer . Find the “Eye” icon at the bottom right of the app drawer.

Step 2: Create a Pattern to lock the hidden apps. Once created, you can add Apps that you need to hide.

Step 3: Once the apps are selected, you can click on OK. The app will be hidden from App search also.

How to Hide App by Changing its Name and Icon (Disguising)

Nova has another cool feature which lets you change the app icon and the app label on the app drawer or home screen. We can use this feature to disguise applications so that other won’t recognize the application. You can simple rename the application to something like Clock or Alarm, so others are less likely to open such applications.

This feature is available for Nova Launcher Free version also.

Step 1: For changing the application label and icon, press and hold the app which you want hide and select Edit.

Step 2: Now click on the icon and select some other icon from the list.

Step 3: Rename the application to some least used applications.

This would just change the way the app appears in the drawer and home screen; rest of the places the app will be visible.

How to hide apps without Root and Launcher.

The application can help you hide applications from Android Phone. You can lock access to these hidden apps using a passcode. The app can disguise itself as a Phone app or calculator app.

Once your setup the application and hide the apps, you can access them by opening the disguised Privacy Hider application and entering the passcode to reveal the original Privacy Hider app. Once you are in, you can simple click on the hidden app to open it.

Once you have setup the protection for the app, apps can be hidden by adding them. Click on the plus icon on the top right corner to select the apps that you want to hide. Once selected the application will be hidden and will not be accessible to others.

If you set the protection as calculator, then  you will be asked to set a pin. After the pin is confirmed, press “=” to enter the privacy hider application. Once the setup is complete, the name and icon of the Privacy Hider application will be changed to calculator.

To access privacy hider, click on Calculator app and enter the passcode and hit “=”, you will see the hidden apps.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How to hide apps on android without any app?

Ans: There are some manufactures which provides inbuilt app lock to lock applications on the phone. But i don’t think that there are manufacturers who allows users to hide apps using the default launcher it comes with ( there can be …I haven’t come across one yet).

#2. How to hide apps on android without launcher?

Ans: You can use applications like Privacy Hider to hide apps if your launcher doesn’t have the functionality or you don’t want to install other launcher on your phone.


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