How to Make Cortana Use Google Easily And Effectively

Cortana in Windows 10 offers you a convenient search pack that’s always close at hand. Unfortunately, it makes you use Microsoft Edge and Bing. Here are steps to know how to make Cortana use Google as well as your preferred browser.

As any other technical giant, Microsoft will over-push their in-Home products contrary to the will of these clients. In Apr 2017, Microsoft pissed off a whole lot of Windows 10 users by causing its Edge internet browser the exclusive choice for showing Cortana SERPs. Quite simply, if you are on a mature Home windows version than Build 15031 Insider Preview (you almost certainly are), Cortana will completely disregard your default web browser tastes and use Bing within an Edge browser.

I could understand Microsoft’s financial reasons for this decision (Edge and Bing are attempting to maintain with their challengers), but this step infuriated a whole lot of honest Home windows users. Since that time, if you are using Cortana to find the net for something, it’ll automatically use Bing to find the net and display this content within an Edge window.

Microsoft’s official cause of this decision is usually that the Bing and Edge are made to deliver end-to-end personal search encounters. Even though almost every other search professional has around the same functions, Microsoft says it can’t supply the same custom-designed experience. If you ask me, this just seems like an excuse to showering you with custom advertising and paid services “tailored to your preferences”, Bing-style.

How to Make Cortana Use Google

But there’s a very important factor we can be certain about. Microsoft has been occupied with a dynamic crusade against tools offering the methods to bypass this unjust corporate decision. As of this moment, a large part of the tools which used to work in bypassing Cortana’s presets won’t work any longer. However, developers have found new ways to adjust to Microsoft’s inquisition.

If you’re one particular user that likes Cortana but could do without Bing SERP’s in Microsoft Edge, you can still override the default adjustments with the right tweaks. Below you have a whole guide to changing the default internet browser that Cortana uses. As well as you will see how to make Cortana use Google. Be sure you follow the steps to be able. Let’s begin to know how to make Cortana use Google!

Note: It is true that the Microsoft is wanting hard to limit the potency of these tools. The techniques to know “how to make Cortana use Google” below might go wrong before you can read this.

Step 1: Changing your Default Internet browser in Home windows 10

When you set up Home windows 10, Microsoft Edge will automatically become your default internet browser. If you open your web browser from exclusively from a shortcut, you will possibly not recognize that the default web browser is not the one that you frequently use. Users also have reported that major windows posts will override your inclination in case you previously arranged another web browser as the default choice.

Because of this, before you proceed to Step 2, it’s important to make certain that you identify your default internet browser from Home windows 10 options. Here’s how to make Cortana use Google:

Please Note: These steps may work with multiple web browsers, but we’ve only analyzed them with Chrome and Firefox.

1 – Use Cortana to find “choose a default web browser” and touch on the machine settings option.

2 – Go through the icon under Browser and choose the browser that you would like Cortana to start your queries in.

3 – Close the configurations window to save lots of your brand-new selection.

Step 2: Arranged Cortana to Use Your Default Web browser with Edge Deflector

Before the update in Apr 2017, Step 1 could have been enough to make Cortana screen web SERP’s in your default internet browser. But since that time, Cortana runs on the URI (Standard Resource Identifier) to change normal URLs in order that they start in Edge internet browser.

To counter this soiled tactic, you may use a free of charge tool called EdgeDeflector. This program is with the capacity of overriding Cortana’s internet browser settings, letting you open SERP’s in your default internet browser. Here is a quick guide to putting in a configuring this tool:

1 – Visit their website and scroll right down to the Downloads section. Select Edge Deflector_install.exe to download it.

2 – Double-click on the executable. You’ll be presented with a note declaring that the app is a potential risk of security. Pay no brain to it, select MORE INFORMATION, then select Run Anyways.

3 – Accept the default assembly folder and click Install. After the assembly completes, click Close.

4 – Once the setup is complete, you should automatically be prompted with a dialog container. Select Edge Deflector and tick the pack next to Always utilize this app. Strike Ok to verify.

5 – Execute a web search in Cortana and select See web results. Your default internet browser will be utilized rather than Edge.

Step 3: Establish Cortana to utilize Google rather than Bing

When you implemented the previous step from the technique above, it’s likely you have pointed out that even if Cortana now starts your web queries in your default internet browser, it’s still using Bing rather than your regular internet search engine. Since Google is popular than Bing, it’s understandable why a whole lot of users want to keep deploying it.

Tip: If the problem is with your personal computer or a laptop/notebook you should attempt using the Reimage Plus Software which can check the repositories and replace corrupt and absent documents. This works generally, where the concern is originated anticipated to something corruption. You could download Reimage Plus by Clicking on Here

The only path to repair this incorrect is to set up an add-on or expansion to redirect the search. Although there are others, we’ve only had the opportunity to find search redirectors for Chrome and Firefox. Please follow the guide relating to your default web browser that you recently set at Step 1.

Arranging Chrome to Open up Cortana Queries in Google

So far there were a few extensions which used to work but have since been drawn from the Chrome’s expansion store. However, there’s an expansion called Chrometana that appears to put up with despite Microsoft’s attempts. Here is a quick guide to setting up Chrometana:

  • Visit Chrome’s ONLINE STORE and seek out “chrometana”.
  • Once you find the expansion, press the Increase Chrome Button.
  • Select Add extension to verify.
  • You should visit a pop-up dialog in the bottom-right spot of the display signaling that the expansion has been put into Chrome. That is a good indication.
  • Seek out something in Cortana in to be able to trigger a fresh dialog pack that will help you to choose the default internet search engine. Choose Google Chrome and tick the pack next to Always utilize this app. Strike Ok to verify.
  • Now, your Cortana web queries will be performed by Google Search. You’ll quickly catch a view of Bing in the search club before being redirected to Google.

Placing Firefox to Start Cortana Queries in Google

If you are using Firefox as your default web browser, you may use the Bing-Google add-on to redirect Cortana’s Bing queries to Google. This add-on gets the exact same operation as the Chrometana expansion. Here is a quick guide to setting up and configuring Bing-Google:

  • Start Firefox, visit Firefox Add-ons store and seek out “bing-google”.
  • Start the Add-on website link of Bing-Google and select Increase Firefox.
  • Wait before add-on is downloaded, then select Add (near the top of the display).
  • Select Restart Firefox so the new changes may take effect.
  • Now Cortana will automatically perform web queries with Google Search in Firefox. But understand that Firefox must be your default web browser and Edgedeflector must be properly installed and configured. In the happening, if that’s false, revisit Step 1 and Step 2.

Steps to make Start Menu Queries Use Chrome Rather than Edge

These steps will let you know how to make Cortana use Google. By default, Cortana will usually launch queries in the Edge web browser. You used to have the ability to pick which web browser you wished to search in. But Microsoft shut down this loophole. Thankfully, a third-party, open-source software called Edge Deflector can fix this. Begin by getting this wonderful tool and release it. It’ll mount itself in the backdrop.

Then, you will have to arrange it by causing a search with Cortana. Press the windows key or go through the Start button to start the beginning menu.

Enter a key phrase until the thing is “Search the web” and go through the top result.

You will see a pop-up that reads “How do you want to open this?” Choose Edge Deflector from the list and check “Always use this app.

You must now see your search come in your default web browser.

Edge Deflector will continue to work in the backdrop automatically. You may want to reinstall it after major changes to Windows 10 like the Street to redemption Creators Revise and Creators Revise, which turns up every half a year.

If you’re having difficulty getting that part to work, you may even need to drive your preferred web browser to be the default. First, open up the Settings software in Home windows 10.

Next, select the System.

Then select “Default apps.”

Scroll to the underneath of this windowpane and choose “Set defaults by app.

Inside the new windowpane that shows up, scroll to find your selected internet browser in the list and click it. Then choose “Set this program as default” in the right-hand aspect of the windows.

This will arrange your web browser as the default for whatever a browser may be used to open. This task shouldn’t be essential for most people, but if you unintentionally were left with a conflicting default anywhere on the way, this will clear it up so that Edge Deflector will continue to work properly.

Steps to make Start Menu Queries Use Google Rather than Bing

If you are happy using Bing, in that case, your work is performed. However, if you need to find with Google, you will need yet another tool to see how to make Cortana use Google. You may redirect Bing queries to utilize Google instead of with an expansion called Chrometana for Chrome or Bing-Google for Firefox. Simply set up them, and they’re going to work in the backdrop mailing every Bing search to Google instead.

Remember that this will redirect all queries. So, if you check out and seek out something yourself, this expansion will still redirect that you Google. If you wish to search with Bing later, you will have to disable this expansion. This will serve you to know how to make Cortana use Google.


If you used the steps above to see how to make Cortana use Google, you efficiently avoided Microsoft’s limitations on causing you to use Edge web browser and Bing when doing Cortana web queries. But retain in head that if Microsoft makes a decision to patch these exploits, a few of the techniques above might go wrong.

Do you utilize a different internet browser as your default choice? In the situation that you do, tell us in the comment section if you found an expansion or add-on with the capacity of redirecting queries (apart from Chrometana Chrome and Bing-Google).

PRO Suggestion: If the problem is with your personal computer or a laptop/notebook you should attempt using the Reimage Plus Software which can check out the repositories and replace corrupt and absent data files. This works generally to identify how to make Cortana use Google.

So! Here are the tips to know how to make Cortana use Google. If you know more tips to see how to make Cortana use Google, share with us.


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