How to Organize Messages and Stop Unwanted Messages on Android

Messaging is one of the most used features of any smartphone. But it can also be a mess sometimes with tons of messages from advertisers, promos and offers, missed call alerts, transaction details  and more. The normal Android Messaging App shows everything in one page and looks cluttered. This is were 3rd party Applications comes into play. There are tons of messaging Apps that are available for your Smartphone. To name some, we have TrueCaller, Go SMS,  Messages Plus, SMS Organizer and more. These are some of the main players .

Today we are going to have a look at a different App. Its called SMS Organizer and it is developed by the Google rivals, Microsoft Corporation. Yes you heard me write. Microsoft have some pretty good apps in the Google Play Store. Among those one of my personal favorites is SMS Organizer.

SMS Organizer  – Hassle Free SMS Manager

As mentioned earlier the App is developed by Microsoft and is undoubtedly “The Best” Messaging App replacement that i could find on the Google Play. The main attraction of the application is its simplicity. Clean, Simple, Elegant and doesn’t contain Ads.

SMS organizer will automatically categorize the messages into Personal, Transactions and Promotions automatically and it looks beautiful as the messages does not appear to be cluttered anymore. The Applications AI knows which messages to put into their respective category. We will see some of the best features of Microsoft SMS Organizer.

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  1. Quick Read on Unread Messages: We can easily toggle a switch and it will show only the unread messages.
  2. Smart Reminders:  The app will automatically remind you of events like flights, bus, movies, bill payments etc.
  3. Smart Assistant: We can directly lookup PNR status, Flight status etc directly from the Reminders  section.
  4. Backup your Messages: Simple One Click Backup and restore of your messages.
  5. Dark Theme for night times.
  6. No Internet Needed: Doesn’t need  to be connected to the internet all the time for reminders and stuff to work.


Easy OTP Copy Paste

One of the main attractions of the app is the nifty little OTP bar that appears on top when we receive a One Time Password. This is very helpful. The numbers are spaced and is easily readable plus we get any option to copy the OTP and then paste it in for verification. I see myself using it more often as these days OTPs are everywhere from Bank Transactions to Signing up on Apps and websites.

Auto Delete Older Messages

Another feature that can be useful is the auto-delete feature wherein we can set a time frame to automatically delete messages like OTP and promotional messages. OTP are just for onetime purpose, so there is no point in keeping those messages. The app can be set to delete OTP messages automatically.

Quick Read Messages

One more interesting feature which i earlier mentioned is the Quick Read feature. We can toggle “Unread Only” option and the App will only show unread messages which is very helpful. Also there is an option to block messages from particular number. Just click the message and transfer it to the “Blocked List” and you are done.

Also if you don’t like to see unread messages like me, you don’t have to open each and every message to make it read. Just swipe and the message will be made as Read. We can customize the Swipe Gesture  to move it a different category or to delete the message.

How to Activate DND (Do Not Disturb)

DND is categorized into many field and you can choose to block them all at once or selectively /partially block certain categories. If you are gettings SPAM Calls and Messages from Telemarketers, then you can activate DND services on your phone number to block those unwanted calls and SMS. Here is how you do it.

DND services can be blocked full or partially. If you don’t want any telemarketing images at all, you can block all the categories. Or if you just want to block messages from any particular category, you can do that as well.

Block All Categories:

Send SMS START 0 to 1909 or Call at 1909

Select Individual Category:

Send SMS in below format to 1909

Category SMS Format
Banking – Insurance – Financial Products – Credit Cards START 1
Real Estate START 2
Education START 3
Health START 4
Consumer Goods & Automobiles START 5
Communication – Broadcasting – Entertainment – IT START 6
Tourism START 7

You can also De-Register the DND service to start receive the marketing calls and messages in future.Send an SMS STOP and send it to 1909.  You can also call 1909 to cancel the service.

Check your DND Staus Here


By far the best SMS Application for Android. It does have scope for more features and improvements which we can hope will be implemented in the coming updates. The application is very elegant, clean and simple to use.  Your inbox will be cluttered ever again after using this Applications. Highly recommended if you haven’t already. If you liked it do comment which feature you liked the most. Don’t forget to share it among your friends and foes.

**This is not a paid review. Genuine review after using it. 


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